“Latin American integration in the search for solutions to the problems of salinity in agriculture”

The salinity of water and soil is a problem present on all continents, especially in the arid and semi-arid regions. Global data indicate that 20% of the total cultivated areas (dry and irrigated) and 33% of irrigated agricultural lands are affected by the excess of salts in the soil, especially in the arid and semi-arid regions, and this is a very significant problem in Latin America. In this context, the proposal for the 1st Latin American Salinity Symposium (I SLAS) is presented, with the purpose of promoting the integration of research in this area, based on two research networks from Latin American countries: National Institute of Science and Technology in Salinity (INCTSal), Brazil, and the Argentine Salinity Network (EAS). The event will take place from October 30 to November 1, 2019, in the city of Fortaleza, re-publishing the partnership with Instituto Inovagri, which was successful in 2014 and 2017 on the occasion of the II and III Symposium Brazilian Salinity. The event will also have the support of the National Institute of the Semiarid (INSA) and the teaching and research institutions that make up INCTSal. The program will feature speakers from Brazil, Argentina, Chile, the United States of America and Israel. Four Discussion Panels and six Thematic Meetings will be held. With the accomplishment of the I SLAS the following contributions are expected: Definition of the scenarios of the problem of salinity in Latin American countries; Presentation of proposals for the management of salinity in irrigated agriculture, in partnerships with rural producers; Indication of technologies that allow the sustainable use of brackish water in plant production, especially the hydroponics technique; Identification of the potential of salinity tolerant species that may increase production or contribute to the recovery / utilization of areas already degraded by salinity; Presentation of small and large-scale water desalination technologies; Discussion of modern techniques for surveying and monitoring salinity using remote sensing; Discussion of the mitigating role of soil microorganisms in salinized environments; Identification of the potential of halophyte cultivation and biosaline agriculture, as well as the evaluation of the technical, economic and environmental aspects of the crops under salt conditions; Updating of students and professionals in the areas of Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy, Soil Science, Environment and Biological Sciences; Establishment of exchanges and projects in partnership between Postgraduate Programs from different regions of Brazil and between national research groups with researchers and institutions from other countries; Establishment of interactions between Latin American researchers of the basic and applied areas and formation of Latin American Network of Studies on Salinity; Identification of areas of mutual interest between Brazil and participating countries in order to establish partnerships and joint research programs.

Joint performance, from 10/30 to 1/11 of 2019 - Fortaleza, CE


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