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The Institute of Research and Innovation in Irrigated Agriculture – INOVAGRI, Civil Society Organization of Public Interest – OSCIP, whose objective is to develop research and innovation in irrigated agriculture, in partnership with the National Institute of Science and Technology in Irrigation Engineering (INCT- EI), based in ESALQ / USP, have been developing since 2011 the Irrigation Advisory Service Project – SAI in the Lower Acaraú Irrigation District (DIBAU), in the northern region of the state of Ceará, serving 365 lots in an irrigated area of 8,335.0 ha, mainly cultivated with tropical fruits.

The Irrigation Advisory Service (SAI) is an ATER service carried out by a multidisciplinary technical team, in person through visiting calendars, whose main objective is to assist farmers in all issues related to their production process quickly and with reliability. The development of the activities of said project gave rise to the Irrigante Advisory System (S@i), which complements an innovative irrigated area management model developed to meet the needs and demands of the irrigator in a functional and efficient way.

The S@i System is an innovative technological tool for irrigation management that aims to maximize the efficiency of water use in irrigated areas, allowing users (producers, ATER technicians and irrigation district manager) to be more agile in accessing important information, and consequently favoring a quick, reliable return to the farmer.

This methodology used in the field involves a complete set of activities such as: monitoring of daily reference evapotranspiration, monitoring Kc of the culture implanted in the locality (via remote sensing / NDVI or by local experiments), determination of Culture Evapotranspiration (Etc), determination daily irrigation time for each crop and consequent sending to the farmer by SMS and E-MAIL, as well as implementation of a WebService where the farmer can find updates, technical, economic and other information where an Irrigant Advice System is characterized.

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