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Hotel OasisOasis Atlantic Hotel

Located in the main tourist area of the city, the Oasis Atlântico Fortaleza Hotel allows its guests the discovery of history, food, crafts and entertainment in this northeastern city. Situated on Beira-Mar Avenue in Meireles Beach neighborhood, Oasis Atlantic Hotel, 5 star, allows a combination in a perfect stay for business or holiday arrangements.

The Oasis Atlantic Hotel will host one of the largest and most important irrigation events in Brazil, the II Inovagri International Meeting, which will take place from 31 August to 3 September 2015.













Fortaleza, capital of Ceará, is still a young city but with a modern way of life, a light history and kind and friendly people, enchants visitors and residents with its culture and a perfect climate to enjoy beautiful beaches such as Futuro’s Beach, Iracema’s beach and Mucuripe. The pace of urban growth is considered a phenomenon by rapid physical development showed in the last 50 years. Had about 350,000 inhabitants and today there are 2.5 million between the north shore and the mountains to the south.

Full of with nightclubs, bars and restaurants of different styles and flavors, the Land of Light involves everyone in its fast rhythm and catchy. With a rich culture, Fortaleza offers lively pace songs as the regional dance “forró” a kind of and country music “sertanejo”, and is known for its cuisine that attracts the most varied tastes.

As the horizon where the sky touches the sea and the sea with the sand, Fortaleza will stage again one of the largest events for the Irrigated Agriculture where occur a large exchange of information among national and international professionals, technicians, students and entrepreneurs of technological means: the III Inovagri International Meeting 2014.


Teatro-Jose-Alencar.1 José de Alencar Theater

Opened on June 17, 1910, the José de Alencar Theater optimized the ideals of “civilization and progress” by the early of the twentieth century. Its huge stained glass and crafted iron frame came from Scotland to its construction. Space for living, artistic creation and dissemination of culture, José de Alencar Theater in Fortaleza, is a beautiful example of eclectic architecture.



Dragão do Mar.1

Dragão do Mar Center

The architecture of the Dragão do Mar Center is known by its bold lines, designed by architects from Ceará, Delberg Ponce de Leon and Fausto Nilo. Built around an old seaport area, the Dragão do Mar Center is rounded by bars, restaurants, craft shops and theaters.




Catedral Metropolitana.1Metropolitan Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Fortaleza is a Catholic temple, head office of the Archdiocese of Fortaleza. It was built on the site of the old Sé’s church. The building took forty years to be complete. It was initiated in 1938 and opened in 1978. It seats 5000 people and its towers reach 75 meters in height.



Praia do Futuro.1

Futuro’s Beach

With a wide range of eight kilometers of white sand and clean waters Futuro’s Beach is the preferred urban beach for swimming among visitors and tourists in Fortaleza. The beach also has a wide infrastructure of beach tents. The biggest ones bring not only hundreds of tables (some on the beach, others in tents), but with a structure comparable to hotels: pools, playground, stage for musical concerts and comedy shows.



Praia de Iracema.1 Iracema’s Beach

Famous for being the favorite poets and intellectuals, Iracema’s beach reflects the bohemian city. The beach is bordered by breakwaters, strong waves, reefs and thick sand. Iracema’s Beach, despite the name, is not exactly a beach. It is a neighborhood, next to the sea, which has the highest concentration of bars and restaurants in town. It is there where one of the most famous postcards of Fortaleza remains, the Metal Bridge.


Beira-Mar-Fortaleza.1 Beira Mar Avenue

The seashore’s park of Beira Mar Avenue offers facilities for walking, and that’s where the space is played by thousands of hikers in exercises, street vendors, street performers and a crafts fair. The eastern part of this zone is a linear attractive neighborhood of the port city, which is known as the neighborhood of Mucuripe.



Typical Cearense Food

Baião.1 buchada de bode.1 camarão.1





                                                                                      Baião de 2                                                                  Buchada de Bode                                                      Camarão


Carangueijada.1 Carne.1 Lagosta.1





                                                                    Caranguejada                                                                        Carne de Sol                                                 Lagosta


Source: Department of Tourism of Ceará



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