Simulation of the energy gradient of the lateral line with type MF2 micro-sprinklers - DOI: 10.7127/rbai.v1601246

Gabriel Siqueira Tavares Fernandes, Kenny Ruben Montalvo Morales, Victor Gurgel Pessoa, Vynicius Barbosa de Oliveira Oliveira, Edivania de Araujo Lima, Tomás Guilherme Pereira da Silva


The objective of this study was to evaluate the hydraulic pressure gradient along the lateral line of microsprinklers, using the Wu and Gitlin model. Mathematical simulations were developed in an electronic spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel software (2016). Where the adapted equation of the Blasius model was determined, the energy gradient along the lateral line, the length of the lateral line (L), the number of emitters (N), the length of the adjusted lateral line (Lajst), the number of fitted emitters (Najst), the flow velocity (m² s-1) loss and the charge along the entire length of the lateral line L hf '(L). The pressure and flow variation of the micro-sprinklers has a direct influence on the uniformity of water application along the lateral line. In addition, the suggested formula is representative for estimating the Darcy-Weisbach f factor, within the parameters and conditions of simulations used, as well as the black nozzle of the Amanco MF2 type microsprinkler had greater variation in the energy gradient and flow, along the lateral line, in relation to the orange nozzle.

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Revista Brasileira de Agricultura Irrigada - RBAI

ISSN: 1982-7679